Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm a little late (I gave myself a break since I'm recovering from surgery), but this seems to be all the rave in the blog world! So here is my recap:

-We celebrated our first Valentine's Day together as a married couple and it was our first actually being together since we did the long distance thing. We went outlet shopping and made a delicious dinner at home.

-I turned 23 a week later and M took me out to dinner... we love eating :)

-My middle sister, Heather, got engaged!

-We decided to try and buy a house and found one that we really wanted, however, it didn't work out.

-I had surgery to remove a cyst off my ovary and ended up losing my right ovary. We later found out that doctor wasn't the best and dropped her!

-Two weeks later my sister got married!

-We moved to a bigger, cheaper apartment only 6 miles from my work! And I then decided I was tired of moving every year.

-We celebrated our one year anniversary! Had a delicious Italian dinner and sat around all day because that was the week Atlanta flooded.

-We ran the Marine Corps Half Marathon in Jacksonville with some of our good friends...we didn't really train, but we ran it and had a blast that weekend!

-Learned I needed surgery yet again to finish the job that the last doctor decided to screw up.

-Celebrated Thanksgiving with M's family and spent the weekend at their lake house with his parents.

-Worked a lot in December, no fun.

-My sister and her husband came home from California for a few weeks for Christmas... which we spent with my family

-Lost my Grandma to cancer on Dec 27th

-Had surgery on the 28th and missed the funeral since it was in Indianapolis

-Rang in the New Year with great friends and a Percocet haha!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hopefully I will make sense...

Even though I have like 4 readers, I feel the need to post to say I'm still alive haha. The title refers to my being on Percocet from my surgery last Monday (28th). Hopefully this surgery will have taken care of everything and my ovary will decide to stop producing dermoid cysts. So the run down on surgery: the dr. drained a pound of liquid out of the one cyst that the other dr. did the last time just so he get my ovary out. (yes he took my ovary out of my body to remove the cysts, crazy!) He is almost positive that cyst was not a simple cyst like the last dr. thought. And he found another smaller dermoid. He said that the surgery went great and we'll have as many babies as we want :) We spent Monday and most of Tuesday in the hospital and he let us come home after dinner on Tuesday. I could have stayed one more night, but we got no sleep Monday night because the nurses come in every two hours to check my temperature, blood pressure, inscision, take blood, give me medicine or whatever else they did. Also, I was in the women's center part of the hospital and every time a baby is born they play a lullaby over the loud speaker... um really? Cute if it's 2 in the afternoon, but super annoying when it's 2 am!
I basically slept all last week and this week I am working from home (wish I could work from home on a regular basis!).
Anyway I plan to keep up with blogging better so more posts to come.