Monday, October 31, 2011

Long time gone...

Wow I took quite a hiatus from blogging, but really I'm okay with that. This summer was really crazy and so far the fall has been as well. Here are some some happenings...

  • I started my new (old) job in May back at the radio station I worked at in college and I absolutely love it- not that I ever thought that I wouldn't.
  • We moved to Atlanta and I now drive 1.8 miles to work- as opposed to the 23 I was driving. Never thought I would love living in the city, but I do!
  • Mike started school at Georgia Tech and well I would like to say he enjoys it, but it's insanely hard so not sure if that counts as fun. But having a football team is definitely fun!
  • We're both really busy which has been an adjustment, but its working out and we make time to have fun.
  • We now live in a town house, which has its pros and cons. Its old so it was/is interesting at times, but we have a great outdoor space (rare in the city) and we live next door to this girl so you can't ask for a better neighbor. She lets me use her dryer (until we get one, hopefully Wednesday) and she gives Mike extra cake pops- and he truly appreciates her for that :)
  • The fun part about living in a town house is that it actually feels more like a home and I can do some fun decorating. Slow progress, but it gives me something to do while Mike is studying.
I guess that's it for now. Thursday I'm having girls night with girls from work and we're all making recipes from Pinterest, crafting and watching Bridesmaids. Can't wait! I'll be back with my recipe and crafting plans!

Oh, and of course Happy Halloween!