Friday, November 19, 2010


Happy Friday! This day could not come quick enough. The past few weeks have been a little crazy at work and traffic has been horrible so I'm excited for a weekend with few plans. My plans do include seeing Harry Potter!! So excited! I wanted to see it last night, but I'm getting to old for midnight showings and we had our Thanksgiving feast with our small group (so fun! but I took zero pics).

I've been wanting a Keurig for well, a long time. It was on my wedding registry, but I didn't get it- not that I can blame anyone since they are quite pricey! So, I stuck with my normal coffee pot, but it's kind of annoying since Mike doesn't drink coffee. Recently, my parents were in LA and their hotel had a one cup brewer that used 'pods' instead of the little cups like Keurig so my mom went on a mission to find one. She found them and bought me one as well!

Wayyy cheaper than a Keurig and the coffee is delish! Thanks Mama! I decided to branch out on my creamer as well and have tried two different ones. The first one I tried was White Chocolate Rasberry...oh my goodness so good! Two of my favorite things added to my coffee? Yes, please!

And this week I'm drinking Gingerbread coffee, delicious as well!

I'm thinking possibly peppermint or eggnog next week? Any suggestions?

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy 235th birthday Marines!

And to my favorite Marine...