Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What I'm loving...

...The warmer weather we've been having. High 60s tomorrow? Yes, please!
(I would be so okay with this weather until Spring arrives!)

...Netflix. As if I already didn't love it, I do even more since we've cancelled cable. We're working our way through How I Met Your Mother and I've been watching Gossip Girl :)

...Pinterest. More specifically, all of the cute Valentine's decor

... fun new nail colors that showed up in my stocking on Christmas :)

... all of the fun events coming up this Spring... even if I don't have any free weekends ha!

What are you loving?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fun day at the station

 I get to meet some pretty cool people with my job. Yesterday I got to meet Brian McCann (if you're not a Braves fan he's our catcher) which was pretty awesome. He is a super nice guy and indulged us with autographs and lots of pictures! Mike and I are huuggee Braves fans and I wish he could've been there.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Long time gone...

Wow I took quite a hiatus from blogging, but really I'm okay with that. This summer was really crazy and so far the fall has been as well. Here are some some happenings...

  • I started my new (old) job in May back at the radio station I worked at in college and I absolutely love it- not that I ever thought that I wouldn't.
  • We moved to Atlanta and I now drive 1.8 miles to work- as opposed to the 23 I was driving. Never thought I would love living in the city, but I do!
  • Mike started school at Georgia Tech and well I would like to say he enjoys it, but it's insanely hard so not sure if that counts as fun. But having a football team is definitely fun!
  • We're both really busy which has been an adjustment, but its working out and we make time to have fun.
  • We now live in a town house, which has its pros and cons. Its old so it was/is interesting at times, but we have a great outdoor space (rare in the city) and we live next door to this girl so you can't ask for a better neighbor. She lets me use her dryer (until we get one, hopefully Wednesday) and she gives Mike extra cake pops- and he truly appreciates her for that :)
  • The fun part about living in a town house is that it actually feels more like a home and I can do some fun decorating. Slow progress, but it gives me something to do while Mike is studying.
I guess that's it for now. Thursday I'm having girls night with girls from work and we're all making recipes from Pinterest, crafting and watching Bridesmaids. Can't wait! I'll be back with my recipe and crafting plans!

Oh, and of course Happy Halloween!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend recap

I have no pictures from this weekend, how sad. I really need to get better about that!
Friday night we house/dog sat for our friends that just moved here. We tried out a delicious Greek place for dinner and as if we weren't already obsessed, we definitely are now. So good! And then of course, thanks to HBO Go, we watched most of season 7 of Entourage. Saturday evening we went over to this awesome chick's house with some other friends and ate delicious food, drank yummy sangria and had a fabulous time! Sunday we headed to church and then to my sister and bro-in-laws house to celebrate our awesome Mama! Always a good time with the family and my sister's crazy dog Baxter, but he is super cute...
What a mess!
Three exciting things:
1. Vicky graduated  from TCU on Saturday, so proud! :)
2. My friend Torie got engaged on Friday, yayyy!
3. This is my last week at my current job. I accepted a job at the radio station I interned/worked for in college and I'm super excited to start! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I had Good Friday off which was nice because work has been so crazy busy lately (even if there was a little work drama I had to deal with). It was also nice to have time to reflect on the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior. I was able to get a good work out in and a little alone time while I got a pedicure! Last night we made some delicious fish tacos and I completely forgot to take pics because we devoured them so fast!
Today we started off our day celebrating at church with my parents. Then we headed up to Mike's grandpa's to hang out with his family. It was fun watching the little kids hunting eggs and counting all of their money. I brought my camera and completely forgot to get it out!
I also put together a little Easter basket for Mike and I haha! I slacked on getting candy (not that we need it) so M got...
(My sister had this at her house and Mike loved it)

And the Easter bunny brought me this cute dress:

Just 3 more weeks until we head to the beach!! Ahh can't wait!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Long time, no blog. My bad.
The most exciting thing going on around here is that Mike was accepted to Georgia Tech! He will start in the Fall and I'm so proud of him.

Celebration beer and pizza :)

We went to our first Braves game of the season. We carpooled with this girl and her hubby- we had an impromptu tailgate, too bad I didn't take a picture haha! Unfortunately they lost to the Phillies-yuck! But we still had a good time.
My hubby is so cute :)

Sunday Mike worked so I went to church, layed out for a little, and went to see Julie and this precious little boy.
Look how tiny! He is still only like 6.5lbs and soo sweet.
Ughh I could have held him forever!

We also found out that our friends are moving back to Atlanta next month and I am so excited! I can't wait to have my running partner back! (It's only been since high school haha!)

Busy week, but what's new? Hope you're have a great week!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This past weekend was super exciting! Two of my friends, Julie and Morgan, were pregnant with baby boys. They were actually due one day apart, but not until April. Amazingly they both gave birth on Saturday to the cutest little boys!
Julie and I have been best friends since we were in 5th grade. We've pretty much been through every major life event together and it's been a blast. At every milestone I think "how did we get here so fast?" and this weekend was no different. Weren't we just little silly girls in high school...? And now we're old enough to have children? Hah! Anyway, with out further ado here is 'J' :)
The best friends a girl could ask for :)
Julie sent me this pic yesterday and I just want to eat him up!

Morgan and I met when I interned at the radio station in college. I feel like I've known her forever! She already has one precious little boy and now she's really out numbered in her house haha! I haven't gotten to meet 'M' yet so I had to steal a pic from her :)
Can't wait to love on him!

Ahh so precious! These two will hold off my baby fever for awhile and I'm sure my husband is thankful!