Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, surgery went well I suppose. I ended up having a 15cm dermoid cyst on one ovary and a liquid filled cyst that was 470 cc's (I think they said a liter). They removed the dermoid and the ovary and drained the other one. No wonder I couldn't fit into any of my clothes! All the nurses kept telling me I was going to be skinny...haha they weren't kidding! Now I don't have to beat myself up about the "weight" I was gaining. Recovery wasn't bad at all... the worst part was the air they fill you with. It feels like bad heart burn and I couldn't lay all the way down. The other down side to the 4 week recovery is no physical activity and no pool. Bummer!

My sister, Heather, is getting married this weekend so the past few weeks has been filled with wedding stuff. She had a regular bridal shower and this past weekend all of the bridesmaids threw her a lingerie shower. The best part? It was 80s themed! Everything turned out awesome. We did some research on popular food and drinks- we had a ton of food, sex on the beach (the drink of course), jello shots, kool aid, pop rocks, ring pops and other 80s candy. I pulled out the boom box and of course all the 80s music! Here are some pictures of both showers.
All of the bridesmaids - Heather's wedding dress was the best!

L to R: My oldest sister Ashley, my cousin Angela - yeah that's her prom dress that she still fits into! Heather, me, and my Mama

The bridal shower: same as above just add my Aunt in the middle!

I can't wait for her wedding this weekend, we just need to pray for no rain because it's outside!

Last Wednesday was Mike's birthday... the big 23! We went to Waffle House for breakfast and hung out most of the day. We went to The Real Chow Baby for dinner, yum! But before we left he enjoyed an ice cold Sam Adams in the glasses I got for him.

We were so busy devouring food at the restaurant we forgot to take a picture until we got home.

Okay time for dinner!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Have you ever noticed that we, I'll just specify Americans, are obsessed with food?! Now, don't get me wrong I absolutely love eating and cooking for that matter so I'll go ahead and say I fit into that category. However, it's most noticeable when you're not allowed to eat. I have my surgery tomorrow and I'm not allowed to eat today. I can have clear liquids...thankfully? Mike is working so I don't have much to do so the tv has been on and I swear every commercial is about food! And worst of all I love watching the Food Network, but today I just got mad and had to change the channel! Okay, I'll stop complaining because some people don't even get to have one meal a day... I should be able to go a day with out food. However Elizabeth if you want to box up some of your Cocos and send it on over I wouldn't mind :)

Well I'm off to go buy some soup and ginger ale for dinner and after my surgery tomorrow. Woohoo I won't look 4 months pregnant anymore!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Okinawa Love

Two years ago today I was visiting Mike in Okinawa. He took me to the aquarium that day. We toured the aquarium, watched a dolphin show, and walked around the gardens for what seemed like hours. We finally got to this out look over the East China Sea. As the sun was setting he got down on one knee and proposed! Mike, thank you for asking me to be your wife. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had a great time this weekend! We don't get to see Pat and Lauren that much, but we always have a blast when we hang out. I found out Thursday I didn't have to work on Friday (how nice to find out ahead of time ha!) so we got to head down there earlier than planned. Friday evening the guys ran and then we grilled out and played games. Saturday Lauren and I made beignets for breakfast, which is basically like a donut with powered sugar on top - yum! Then Lauren and I went for a run (bad idea after so many yummy beignets) and then we all walked to park. We hung out there for a few hours then we had lunch, played Wii, and sat outside while Carter played in his pool. We had delicious ribs and corn on the cobb for dinner. After that we drove to wal-mart to go see fire works!

Carter and I

The five of us - don't mind the random people in the back!

Mike and I

We bought some fireworks to entertain Mike and Pat and they all had different names, however, they all looked the exact same... this one was probably the golden shower, but who knows. We chalked it up to be false advertising haha!

Sunday we went to church and then ihop after for lunch. W
e finished our game of Wii monopoly and then headed home. We brought Carter back with us to stay with his grandparents for the week and the traffic was so bad it made what should have been a 4 hour trip 6.5! Oh well we had a great fourth!

Well I really need to clean the apt. so I'll leave with a picture of my cyst! (one week till I get rid of this thing!!)
Yeah, pretty sure it's bigger than that now!