Thursday, September 16, 2010

2 rants for the day

1. Mike and went to pick up pizza for dinner last night and stopped at the gas station to fill up my car and the hubs wanted to buy a lotto ticket. So he hands me the cash money and I go in to grab the ticket. I didn't even bring my purse in the car because he was driving, but no big deal I've done this a few times. So, I go in and ask the guy for five power ball tickets.

He says, "Okay, are you 18"?

I laugh and say "Yeah".

He says, "Do you have your ID"?

Are you kidding me? I say, "No"

Him "Oh, sorry, I can't sell it to you"

Me, "Um, okay I'll just send my HUSBAND in then"

Mike laughs at me, I hand him the cash, he goes in and comes out 2 seconds later laughing. The guy didn't even ask for his ID. Seriously?! I know I look young and I can understand I probably don't look like I'm 21, but 18?! What makes it worse is that on my 18th birthday I went to buy a lotto ticket. [I was on a track trip in the middle of no where North Carolina] I tell the lady that it's my 18th birthday does she want to see my ID. She looks at me like I'm retarded and was like "No, I don't care here's your ticket"

PS I'm 24.

2. It was announced yesterday that my alma mater would be getting a football team in 2014. Hooray!

I was reading an article about it this morning and then I scrolled through some of the comments and saw this one:

(Sorry its blurry) Is that a joke?! People are idiots!