Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Series endings seems to be the popular topic as of late so I figured I'd join in and give my two cents. Warning: Possible Spoiler Alert.

LOST: I started watching Lost 4 years ago, I think (Alison is that right?). Our friends Alison and Ricky got some of us watching it the summer they got married. (When Mike moved back to the states and we got married I basically forced him to start at the beginning and catch up -we had friends over every week to watch it). Since then I have been a devoted follower and the writers didn't dissapoint. This season, however, I wasn't as thrilled with. Some episodes were great, some were eh. Sunday night we had our friends over for the finale. I wasn't thrilled with it, but I must say they did a great job of appealing to their female viewers haha! I wanted to know a little more about the island, but I do like that they ended it with everyone back together. Now that I've had time to think about it more I guess it makes some sense. Maybe they left it a little open ended for people to come up with their own conclusions - just another reason why the show was so great. I mean look at the hype and web sites its generated with people vehemently discussing, week after week, all of the possibilities of the island and what in the heck was going on. Over all, fabulous series.

The Pacific: This is the spin off of Band of Brothers - only it follows 3 Marines in The Pacific (clearly). My husband was a Marine stationed in the Pacific and my Grandpa island hopped through out WW2, so this series held a speical place with us. It was definitely quite different from BOB, but we expected that since character development wouldn't be the same - so many people died that they couldn't follow a whole company like they did with Easy Company. Anyway, great series check it out if you haven't already.

24: Mike and I are big fans, however we didn't watch this season. He had a class on Monday nights so we were going to watch it online, but life is busy ha! Season 4 was the best, but we own every season so when this one comes out on DVD we'll buy and watch it. Thanks so someone's status update last night on Facebook the ending was ruined, but I guess I shouldn't have expected to make it until December (usually when the season comes out on dvd) without hearing something.

American Idol: I missed last week (because we were camping - post on that later) but I was glad to hear that the final 2 are my favs: Lee and Crystal. Finale tonight and tomorrow night! Crystal has been my fav from the beginning, but I will be okay with either of them winning.

Burn Notice: It's not ending, actually it starts next month. We have recently borrowed the first season, and now the second, from a friend and we love it! We started the second season last night and watched 3 episodes in a row. Not sure why I'm a little obsessed, but it may have to do with Michael Westen's character - hilarious (or at least to me).

We talked about cancelling our cable now that Lost and The Pacific are over. Gasp, I know. But it will save us money and during the summer we really don't watch much. We also have netflix so we're usually watching a movie anyway. Although I will miss Kendra and the Kardashians... another post for another day.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Moms and Pedis

A little late to be posting on Mother's Day, but I'm still getting used to the new job and not getting home until later in the evenings.

Sunday Mike's mom drove down from his grandparents house in North Georgia. (Side note: Mike's Grandma was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and sent home on hospice with maybe a few months to live.) She needed a little break and we wanted to celebrate Mother's Day with her as well as my Mom. We had a big lunch at my parents and my sister Ashley, her husband and his parents and siblings came over too. My parents built the game corn hole, which is really fun if you've never played, so we played a few games of that. Later Ashley and I took my mom and Mike's mom to get pedicures, so relaxing! Mike's mom always gets just a neutral color and my sister ended up convincing her to get turquoise, her favorite color!
Our toes after! Unfortunately, the picture doesn't show how Barbie hot pink my toes actually are haha!
In other news, my job is going great and I really like it (other than trying to figure out word press- I hate you word press!)
I have next Monday-Thursday off and whaddya know it's supposed to rain all week! So much for hitting up the beach and getting tan!
Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Exciting news, Cinco & Jerky

Exciting news: Today was my last day at my job, or should I say my last job! And I'm starting my new job tomorrow. A little crazy, but originally we were supposed to be taking a little vaca to see Mike's mom (she lives on the beach) but his Grandma was diagnosed with cancer last week and not given very long to live. So, his mom is down here in Georgia helping out his Grandpa. In my now previous job, I assisted a produce salesman which basically meant I pushed a lot of papers. Not quite what I spent 4 years in school to do. I'm thankful that I had a job for the last 2 years because a lot of people didn't, however, I was ready to move on. I will now be working for Mike's cousins who own their own business. I guess technically I'll be office manager, but I will have some opportunity (which could turn into a BIG opportunity) to use my degree (marketing and pr)! So I'm super excited! Wish me luck!

Cinco: Yesterday a couple of the girls I work with went to the mexican place down the street for lunch. And this is who we saw...

*Torie and I
That's right, the most interesting man on earth. Awesome. (Sorry I'm so blurry, it was taken with my iPhone)

Jerky: Elizabeth giving away some Primal Spirit Foods Jerky! Head over to her page and check it out, yum!!