Friday, May 14, 2010

Moms and Pedis

A little late to be posting on Mother's Day, but I'm still getting used to the new job and not getting home until later in the evenings.

Sunday Mike's mom drove down from his grandparents house in North Georgia. (Side note: Mike's Grandma was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and sent home on hospice with maybe a few months to live.) She needed a little break and we wanted to celebrate Mother's Day with her as well as my Mom. We had a big lunch at my parents and my sister Ashley, her husband and his parents and siblings came over too. My parents built the game corn hole, which is really fun if you've never played, so we played a few games of that. Later Ashley and I took my mom and Mike's mom to get pedicures, so relaxing! Mike's mom always gets just a neutral color and my sister ended up convincing her to get turquoise, her favorite color!
Our toes after! Unfortunately, the picture doesn't show how Barbie hot pink my toes actually are haha!
In other news, my job is going great and I really like it (other than trying to figure out word press- I hate you word press!)
I have next Monday-Thursday off and whaddya know it's supposed to rain all week! So much for hitting up the beach and getting tan!
Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Barbie pink! You're so sassy! :)
    Glad you like your job, darling!