Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas already?

I feel like it was just Thanksgiving. Now that I'm in the real world (ha!) and work full-time, I feel like I Christmas comes and goes and I don't get to fully enjoy it. I work for a produce distribution company (I'm an assistant to one of the brokers- sounds better than it actually is) and the broker I assist sells citrus and December is the busiest month for citrus. So, I'm always working over-time and on the weekends and I can never find enough time to get all my shopping, baking and decorating done. We still haven't picked out our tree yet, but we are going on Saturday to do that. My boss buys everyone in the office a Christmas tree (!) so we have to drive down to the farmer's market in Atlanta to pick it out. I wish our apartment was already decorated! Someone come help me!

We don't have a staircase and I'm sure the people in our apartment building would think I'm weird if I start decorating the railings outside.

And we don't have a fireplace or mantle so this one will have to wait too.

And we won't be having anyone over for Christmas dinner. But it's fun dream and one day we'll have our own house that I will enjoy decorating.


  1. It is fun to dream! Cody & I have had a fake tree for the last 3 years and this year isn't any different. However, we DO have a fireplace this year. Faux, yes. But it's still a place to hang our stockings!

    Wish you guys lived closer. Christmas dinner with you would be amazing! So would having Bible study early in the morning with fresh muffins and Keurig coffee. Just sayin'.

  2. Sounds perfect... :(
    Don't worry I still look for jobs in Albuquerque every now and then just in case!