Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Break!

Well I wish I still had a week off from life every March! The hubs doesn't have class on Fridays so his spring break starts today- jealous! Although in true Georgia fashion its cold (50s) and raining for pretty much the next week, ha!
I started thinking about all the fun I've had during all my spring breaks. In high school my friend Alison's parents would take us to Destin every year. They are awesome and her dad would put up with 5 girls for the week! We would lay out on the beach and test the freezing cold weather and usually end up with some pretty horrible sun burns. One year I was so burnt I could barely move and ended up getting really sick one night- clearly I was 15 and dumb. I don't have any pictures on my computer from high school and even if I did, I'm not sure I am brave enough to post them haha!
So here are some pictures from spring break in college.
My freshman year a group of us drove to New Jersey [my sister and our old youth pastor lived up there and were planting a church] for the week.

The girls in Central Park.

My sophmore year I don't think I really went anywhere.
My junior year four of us went to Orange Beach and just got a cheap hotel and laid on the beach! We went to Jimmy Buffets sister's restaraunt called Lulus one night and with the t-shirts we bought we got fake tattoos- ha so rebellious!

Katie and I

Our senior year a group of us went to Hollywood, Fl... we found a condo, which ended up being a little sketchy. It was basically a retirement condo and supposedly the owners weren't supposed to rent out their condos for vacationers haha! But we made nice to all the people and they didn't mind us being there [minus the lady below us].
The last morning we were there the women invited us to do water aerobics with them and they kicked our butts! It was so hard and we were all really sore the next day!
We went to Miami one day and we were looking for Miami Ink, but found this little gem of a place...
Torie, Katie and I took back a little souvenir from here :)

Ahh, what I would give for a week on the beach right now. I could really use it after these past couple of weeks!


  1. Ahh... Spring break.... what a concept

  2. He's already on spring break?? Early!

  3. Oh good ole Hollywood. haha it was definitely an experience! I miss Spring Break...