Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Funday

Actually today wasn't too exciting. First, it rained all day and I'm pretty sure it never got out of the 40's today. Ew cold weather. Second, we're getting into the busiest season at work so I bring home work on the weekends. Clearly not fun... unless you make lots o' money and I do not. The good parts to today: church with the hubby (it was decorated for Christmas already, so pretty), lunch at Olive Garden (soup and salad and breadsticks oh my!), hanging out on the couch under a warm, fuzzy blanket with Mike with fresh, baked cookies. So, since I don't really have anything exciting for the 2 of you who read this I figured I would just post some pictures since its been awhile.

I made a cake for the Marine Corps Birthday

These are our precious cousins. The twins, Elliot and Emma, were in our wedding. We babysat them last month and we were playing with their new 3D chalk!
Anna and Mike blowing bubbles with Anna's Dora the Explorer Bubbles
Elliot and Emma with their 3D glasses
So darn cute!
Us at the pumpkin patch and corn maze

Well, time to get some sleep before a busy 3 day work week!


  1. 1. Your hair has already gotten long!
    2. You're SO cute making a cake for the 234th!
    3. Those munchkins are absolutely adorable!

    The end. Miss you guys! Love you!!!

  2. I don't think I know a more photogenic couple!! You two always look so cute.. Miss You and hopefully I will see you in a few weeks!