Friday, March 12, 2010


I feel like this has been the longest and coldest winter ever! In case I’ve never said it, I hate the cold weather. I can deal for like a week and then I’m over it. But spring has started creeping up ever-so-slowly and I can’t help but to start thinking about wearing dresses and flip flops! I keep seeing things about people starting spring cleaning and I’m pretty excited to do the same. Yes, I’m a freak. My husband was on spring break this week (lucky!) and he was asking about some things he could do while he was off. I told him to start spring cleaning and he looked at me a little weird and said “I don’t think it’s quite spring yet.” Whatever! I think I’m going to get started this weekend!

Is anyone else crazy like me and actually look forward to cleaning every crevasse in your house?


  1. Eek...what does it mean that I clean every crevasse in my house like, once a month? Like, with a toothbrush? I DO look forward to it. For me, spring cleaning is cleaning out closets & the garage. I totally can't wait.

    Spring for me is that part of the season where you know it no longer feels like winter.

  2. Mmmm!! My inlaws are coming to visit this weekend and I am actually loving having an excuse to do a deep clean! I love it!!

  3. Oh man, this has seriously been one of the coldest winters. And you know how much I love the winter. My body NEEDS the sun. I need to photosynthesize. Plus I bought new dresses-- can't wait to wear them!

    Once you get done with your spring cleaning, you're welcome to come and help me with mine. :)Freak.

  4. I LOVE cleaning!! haha let me know if you need help!