Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rant and Award

Okay, so I'm not a freakish American Idol fan, but I have watched most of the seasons (except last season for no particular reason - but thank God I didn't because Adam Lambert was ick last night in my opinion). Anyway, this Aaron kid has got to go. Yeah yeah he's cute and can sing pretty well but he has no idea what he's doing. So you little pre-teans that are obsessed please stop voting because you're sending home better artists- like Andrew!! Alright, I'm done.

On a lighter note, Elizabeth over at I Can't Believe It's Not Dead gave me an award! Thanks lady!
1. I graduated college 2 years ago and I still have yet to do anything with my degree. Sometimes I feel like I failed. Then I get over it and thank the economy for keeping me in this dead-end job. And when I say 'thank' I mean curse.
2. I really want to adopt an Asian baby. They're the cutest.
3. Sometimes I wish my husband was still in the Marines. I hate that I missed out when he was in... tropical island, awesome people and delicious food. Oh well, I'm thankful to have a husband who isn't deployed for the majority of the time.
4. I'm obsessed with Mexican food. No, really ask my husband. I could eat my weight in it.
5. That being said, I would really like to be a vegetarian and, dare I say it, a vegan. I have cut out certain foods and I'm making baby steps. (its hard when your husband insists on having meat every day)
6. One of my goals in life is to run a marathon or 20. I've done the half, but I really need to get my butt in shape for a full.
7. I've had many career aspirations through out my life, but I've never been very career oriented. They include: marine biologist, military, astronaut, doctor, nurse... what? I had high hopes for myself.
8. I'm scared I won't be able to have babies. I only have one ovary, but my Dr. has assured me that I will have as many babies as I want. I think I read too many blogs where woman have issues trying to conceive and my heart always breaks for them.
9. My husband thinks it's really weird I read blogs of people I don't know. I say whatever and continue to read.
10. I love that we have friends around the country thanks to the Marine Corps. Even though I was never stationed with Mike I love that we have an extended family!


  1. Almost every single honest answer is just proof that we need to be living near each other. The restaurant I work for just started bottling and selling their red & green chile and their salsa. I will be sending you some. Then you will want to live here.

    NOTE: You said nothing about a beach. It's fate, Les.

  2. That would be awesome!!
    I already want to live there... Mike and I were talking yesterday about how living out west is so appealing. Every outdoor sport, less rain, and of course y'all are there (for now).