Monday, April 19, 2010

Ode to my iPhone

A few weeks ago I was able to upgrade my phone and I definitely needed it. The phone I got right before we got married stopped holding a charge so I had switched back to my olddd Razr that was also a piece of crap. So, I talked the hubby into letting me get an iPhone!!! I only got the 8GB because I didn't really see the need to pay an extra $100 for video and voice recognition. Plus I have an iPod that has my music on it. And of course I love love love the iPhone. I don't even think I've figured out half of the things it's capable of and for some reason I haven't read the manual yet. *gasp* I always read the manuals- I know, I'm awesome. I love being able to check my email and get online anywhere anytime, especially since my laptop died a few months ago. (The hubs is on the computer most of the time for school stuff so I don't get a lot of time while I'm at home to use his computer.) So far these are the apps I have:

I'm also thinking about getting Twitter...even though I always said I wouldn't, but an iPhone changes things haha!
Okay, so what apps do I need to have?! Any suggestions?


  1. I play Scrabble, so I have that app. :) Lose It! is awesome, too.

  2. Oo I should get scrablble to practice so I can beat Mike! I'm horrible at it!

  3. I want to get an iPhone just so I can play Words With Friends! haha