Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Recently, Sheila [The Adventures of Ordy and Joon] started hosting a Girls Night In a couple of times a month at her place. It's been really fun meeting new girls and getting to spend some time chatting, eating, doing crafts and watching Glee or Dancing with the Stars (never gonna happen with Mike haha). Our first craft was making a wreath with ribbon. I made a festive fall wreath and I love it! Here are some crappy iPhone pics but they'll have to do. Check out Sheila's blog for better pictures of the night and plus she's super crafty and is always posting fun things.

Horrible picture, but I wanted to show Katie's wreath as well because I'm obsessed with that color!


  1. Our wreaths! Hey, I don't have class on Tuesday- want to ride together?

  2. Cute crafts! I love fun crafts like that :)