Monday, January 24, 2011

Meal Planning [1]

Keeping with my goals for 2011, I figured I'd just post my meal plan for the week on here to keep myself accountable and so I can remember what I cook from week to week.

Monday: Burgers and bruschetta salad [so good and easy! I'll post the recipe soon]
Tuesday:Spicy Chicken Joes [from my new slow cooker cookbook] and tator tots. "Give me some of your tots!"
Wednesday: Tilapia, balsamic thyme roasted tomatoes and mushrooms, and brown rice
Thursday: We're going out to dinner with our small group
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: We have a wedding to go to
Sunday: leftovers or something random we have

My grocery list was so short this week, it was nice. I try to meal plan around food we already have so I didn't need to buy a lot this week. Happy eating :)


  1. Looks great! Don't forget to send me some of those slow cooker recipes. Let me know how the chicken joes turn out - maybe I could make it less spicy??

  2. I defintely will send you the recipe. You can make it not spice by not using the chipotle peppers!

  3. Oh my gosh, can I PLEASE come over for dinner? Chicken Joes and tater tots? Yes please! Bruschetta salad - please post the recipe!

  4. Haha if only you could have made it to Georgia on time! I'll definitely post the recipes!