Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Thankfully the 'winter storm' here in Georgia is allowing me to work from home again today so I actually have time to post.

Back in the fall we decided to meet up with some friends over the winter break. These are friends that Mike was stationed with Okinawa and we hadn't seen them in a year or two. One of the couples lives in Arizona and we decided to head there since it would probably be the warmest [compared to Georgia, Ohio, and Albuquerque]. We left two days after Christmas and we spent a week there. Much to our surprise we got about 10 inches of snow dumped on us the 2nd day we were there [3 weeks prior it was in the 70s and 80s]. Joy. Oh well, it was pretty and probably the most snow we'd ever seen. We played in it some and attempted to sled with a card board box haha! Here are a few pics:

Nice view from their driveway

We hung around the house mostly and played games, ate delish food and relaxed. We had plans of camping a few days while we were there but decided we liked the warm house instead. We ventured into town on New Years Eve [they live in a pretty small town]. It was -1 degree. Yeah... We found a bar/saloon and they had a live band so that was pretty fun.

NYE: Mike and I

NYE: Luis, Mike, Keith, Cody and I. [Luis' wife Leah did not venture out with us that night]

The one thing we were all determined to do was go see the Grand Canyon. Leah and I had been before, but we hadn't seen it with snow. So at the end of the week we all piled in a car and made the drive up there. It was less than a 2 hour drive so not bad! We took a ton of pics and it was beautiful with snow. It was still freezing that day, but it didn't stop us from driving to a bunch of different look out points to find amazing views.

The boys. I mean men.

Us. [First time I've ever seen my husband with facial hair haha]

The snow was about a foot deep where we were standing.

Another thing we all wanted to do was go shooting. I am the only was who isn't a Marine so you can understand their love of guns. Leah's dad has quite the arsenal so we were able to borrow a few from him. Mike brought his Glock and Leah has an SKS [? A huge rifle]. In Arizona you can pretty much shoot wherever as long as its federal property, which is apparently almost every where. We drove out of town a few miles and pulled off the road and there were places that were already set up and used for target shooting. Once again it was freezing, but we all had a lot of fun.

We had a great trip even though the weather wasn't what we expected haha. Now we're back in Atlanta and we get hit with more snow/ice... oh well. [I'm ready for spring!]

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  1. Mike with facial hair...different! It looks like a great holiday!! Happy New year!!