Friday, October 2, 2009


Here are the top ten reasons Elizabeth and Cody should move to Georgia:

1.We live here (do I really need to list any other reasons?)
2. Cody can go to one of the best tech schools – Ga Tech
3. Elizabeth can go to one of the best nursing schools – KSU
4. We have Taco Mac. And while you live in New Mexico, who goes there for tacos? You know it’s really all about the vast assortment of beer. <-- = Cody's paradise. :)
5. It’s the ATL. You can throw all the bows that you want.
6. You would be on the same coast as your family.
7. We could train for our first marathon together.
8. Cody and Mike could share their undying love for each other everyday.
9. You can teach me your vegan ways.
10. We would have a blast all the time and I just devoted a whole post to y'all. (and you can use the word "y'all" and not get weird looks )

We love y'all and I hope we get to see you sooner than later!


  1. LESLIEEEEE!!!!! You are absolutely amazing and this post just made my day. Cody and I were both laughing out loud. Especially number 8. Oh, and 5. They were all amazing.

    Cody actually just said we don't have the money to get over there right maybe that's something we can work on. :)

    Love y'all! Hahaha!

  2. Hahaha! Well hopefully we can make it to NM to see y'all... I'm always on the look out for cheap airfare to ABQ!

  3. I gotcha beat, lady.

    Top 11 Reasons You & House Should Move to ABQ:

    1. Cody & Elizabeth. Duh. I should count this for like, 10 out of 11.
    2. There are marathons, 1/2s, and 10Ks every other day.
    3. We have New Mexican food. It isn't just food, it's a lifestyle.
    4. Taco Mac? Cody brews his OWN beer. Which Mike could assist with. Cheaper AND more rewarding! Suck on THAT!
    5. I have a Keurig.
    6. There is a massive mountain to the east that we could go up all the time. Run, hike, tram...
    7. The sunsets here are unbeatable.
    8. NO HUMIDITY!!!
    9. No humidity = No bugs.
    10. Rent is cheaper than you could even imagine.
    11. We love you guys and honestly feel that we were destined to live near each other!!!!!!

    There. Y'all take that.
    Love you! xo